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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Christian*New Age Quarterly

Christian*New Age Quarterly Volume 18 Number 2 (May-Oct 2007)
20 Pages Half-Legal
$3.50 US / $5 Elsewhere

Unlike many zines I review, I actually am the target audience for this type of publication (spiritual, philosophical, non-dogmatic.) As I said last time I reviewed C*NAQ, it is a noble effort with content true to the title. This issue has a loose theme of common sense and flexibility as opposed to mindless devotion. The writing and editing hover somewhere between above average and professional. Every issue is written by the same handful of writers, which include Robert Arias, Joanne Winetzki, Robert M. Price, Mark Pipstick, Daniel B. Hahn, and John Groff. For that reason, it is not as vibrant as it could be.

Christian*New Age Quarterly
PO Box 276
Clifton NJ 07015-0276

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  1. Thank you, Jack, for the review. Just to correct a point or two, Mark Pitstick hasn't been published in C*NAQ since our April-June 2005 issue. And Father Groff, who handled our "Pensive Pause" column from the our very beginning in 1989, stopped writing for us as of our January-March 2004 issue (though he did return for one essay in January-March 2005). Fans of Father Groff might be pleased to learn we do continue to publish letters from him every now and again. Too, C*NAQ welcomes new writers; if interested please see our writer's guidelines (available on our site).


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