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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Nobody Can Eat 50 EGGS #31

via Small Press Newsroom by -AF on May 17, 2007

Nobody Can Eat 50 EGGS #31. Digest, color cover (wraps around), 25 black and white pages, counting inside covers which are also in color. No company name, no price no credits on cover. very nice cover, reminds me of a cartoonist from the 70's and 80's, Ted Bolman. This zine has great little strips...don't see any names on this yet..."The Cement Shoe Brothers in" What A Goon Thinks is a little funny diddy about some thugs and how they must collect money owed. This was very well done. Nice art. Reminds me of some of the Mad Magazine artists. "Frank and Eddie in" Lizard Love part 1. Still no credits, two guys arguing and one that gets attached to a pet lizard. This doesn't seem to go anywhere. It is continued farther in the book but doesn't seem to lead to anything...maybe I needed to read some of the other issues. How to Trap Bigfoot, was interesting but not as funny as it could have been I guess. The art again is excellent and fits the messages. Warning Signs Your Boss is Really A Thinly Disguised Alien Creature THAT EATS PEOPLE....this was very well done and was even closer to the Mad Magazine look and feel. In fact they would have used most of this I bet. Hunchback Intern was very good and the art was great. Same guy doing this whole book? Looks like it. Love to see more of these hunchbacks. Bruno in Anger Management about two rhinos was also well done. I could go on and on as there is allot packed into these pages. This is worth every penny, if we knew how many pennies.... (4 stars)
445 1/2 randolph street / Meadville, PA 16335 (still no name?) http://freewebs.com/50eggs or email: eat_50_eggs@hotmail.com

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