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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

DARE #1, Pickel Press

via Small Press Newsroom by -AF on May 17, 2007

DARE #1, Pickle Press, Nik Havert and Renatus (2006). Price on cover $7.95. Full size comic, square-bound, glossy color cover, 78 black and white pages with lots of gray tones. This mature readers only comic is a mix between porn, a female James Bond, and well, more porn.....The story by Nik isn't that bad actually, but if you are not into the heavy sex action portrayed here then you won't even get into the story anyway. The art is from very good to OK. In parts it looks rushed but overall it is above average and the artist knows his anatomy well (too well?). The cars and backgrounds are excellent. His use of gray tones is over handled and makes most of the pages way too dark, but the story does move along and besides the sex there is some very violent action sequences. So you can tell this was a labor of love for Nik and Renatus but it remains to be seen how many will be turned off by this "guy" magazine. I'm sure you'll have to be over 17 to buy this and not easily offended to say the least. For people that love porn and violent action intermixed with some good story telling...this is for you. (I give it 3 stars)
Pickle Press / 157 East Van Buren / Napanee, IN 46550 http://www.picklepress.net or email: picklepress@earthlink.net

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