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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Shoes Fanzine #8

Shoes Fanzine #8: Interviews old & new
by Nate

June 2018

72 pages, 14cm x 21.5cm, b&w. 

$3 (Canadian dollars) plus p+p. Free to prisoners. 

The latest issue of Shoes contains varied and substantial interviews. While it's a zine pretty much grounded in punk, you definitely don't need to be part of that scene to discover something rewarding and thought provoking within its pages. The interviews tackle issues affecting countries the world over: the rise of white supremacy; the gentrification and cultural smothering of cities; the further marginalisation of certain communities.

Outside of those themes there are also very specific interviews that are utterly fascinating. For example Karmin recounts the story of when she sailed the Pacific Ocean for seven months with only her estranged dad for company. There is also an inspired then & now interview with the infamous Aaron Cometbus. Nate first interviewed him back in 1999, and asks the same questions again in 2018, without allowing Aaron to see his original answers. The result is a rare insight into the drives and despair of the man behind the longest running zine. 

In fact Cometbus is the closest comparison to Shoes that comes to mind - apart from the obvious overlap of punk & activism, there is a larger ethos both zines share. And from where we stand in 2018, spreading the reach of that ethos is no bad thing. 

To get hold of copy contact Nate directly: shoesfanzine [at] hotmail (dot) com

Or write: Shoes Fanzine, PO Box 88023, Chinatown, Vancouver, BC, V6A 4A4

Please say Syndicated Zine Reviews sent you. 

Review by 
Nathan Penlington

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