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Sunday, October 29, 2017



20 Pages
Size: Digest
$3.00 + Shipping

G.P.S, a comic zine by VEEK, tells the darkly humorous story of a G.P.S. and its crazy passing of ownership.

Printed on glossy paper and bound with staples, the artwork in this zine, genuine looking and feeling hand drawn, gives the reader a closer connection to the author that is sometimes tough to achieve.

Throughout the story, VEEK takes us through several darkly humorous scenarios with an almost paranormal G.P.S. system. The drawings paired with the humor give it a nice balance that is difficult to achieve with darkly humored zines.

If you are looking for a good Halloween read, or are just looking for a chuckle, go ahead and pick this one up!
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Facebook and Instagram: @veek1313

Twitter: @fight_that

Review by Daniel Peralta
Completed on 10/29/2017; 9:51 PM EST

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