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Friday, December 9, 2016

Bio Auto Graphic #29 - C

Bio Auto Graphic #29: 'C'
Michael C. Nicholson / ensixteen editions

November 2016. A5, 20 pages, including cardboard cover. 


Bio Auto Graphic #29 is a stream of consciousness constrained by the letter C. 
Through an accumulation of TV and film references, names of celebrities and friends, phrases and word association, the text forms a catalogue of a particular sensibility and a personal history. 

The words and names also reveal the political time and place of the zine's creation:
Cox,  J. (R.I.P)

Meanwhile surrounding a drawing of a Trump-a-like:

'Confederacy of dunces, A' -  Campaign - Charade - Circus - Capsize - Capitalism....- Culpability - Creep -...- Coward - Clown

Compared to previous issues C is word heavy. Where the companion issues A and B are visual meditations that use the letter as a jumping off point, t
his issue has more in common with experimental literature and artist books - think oulipo and Walter Abish -  than with narrative driven graphic work. Despite the volume of C words Michael still uses the page to explore the graphic elements of both language and design, space and movement.  

C proves that even after twenty-nine issues Bio Auto Graphic still has the ability to surprise and intrigue. If you are new to this zine the ABC series is a great place to begin, you'll be rewarded with something special.  

To get your copy visit the Ensixteen blog: ensixteeneditions.blogspot.com

Or email Michael directly: ladnicholson(at)yahoo(dot)co(dot)uk

Review by Nathan Penlington - 
You can find reviews of previous issues of Bio Auto Grapahic here

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