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Sunday, March 20, 2016


Lewis Holt

21 x 29cm
128 pages, full colour
Hand assembled and bound


Sometimes with a zine that explores an area outside of your personal experience it can be hard to find a way in, not so with Schneller. To make it even easier the handwritten note that Lewis included with the zine expresses the aesthetic and ethos better than I ever could:

"DIY tattoos made from pen ink and sewing machine needles, DIY skateparks made with blood sweat and beers, drinking travelling, and doing whatever you can or need to enjoy this beautiful art form".

The zine is an almost entirely visual document of a journey spanning the UK, Amsterdam, Germany and Prague. The images have a Vice magazine feel to them, but have a genuine immediacy that results from using 35mm film - a no going back, one shot, if it fails, don't worry just try again ethos. In that way the medium truly reflects the subject. Schneller is a true celebration of DIY culture, and a document of a youth culture that transcends boundaries. 

"Where you come from, what language you speak, your colour, culture, your beliefs; all that is dissolved by the sense of camaraderie you have with each other...You know on one level that it's utterly pointless, but on another, when you get something you have been trying for ages, it can have meaning beyond words".  

And that is reason enough to revel in this heartfelt work.

You can buy a copy via Etsy: etsy.com/uk/listing/267659744/schneller-photobook

Review by Nathan Penlington

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