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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Jolie Noggle

Ms Jolie Noggle
Various publications

It's hard to be involved in zine culture without  sooner or later crossing paths with Jolie Noggle, (AKA Ms. Noggle, Jolie Ruin, etc.) To say she's a prolific zine maker would be an understatement. She's put out 100 or so zines over the years, some collaborations, many on her own. She's an eclectic writer / artist, and while her zines range many topics they could mostly be summed up as perzines of the cut and paste variety. She leans toward Riot Grrrl, but her writing is accessible to anyone.

Not so long ago I received a large package from her containing many zines to be donated to the new zine library here in Cleveland Heights. They sat in a pile on my desk for several months while I tried to read through them all, but I was only able to get through a handful before they, along with another pile of random zines, were carted off to the library.

I cannot give them adequate reviews from memory, but I enjoyed them and found the range of subject matter and stylistic approach refreshing. One memorable collaboration contained stories of personal experiences with death from a young age. Another was a coloring book of popular comedians. Who makes a zine coloring book of comedians? What subject does that fall under? That's the kind of outside the box thinking she brings to the party.

You can find all of her current offerings at her Etsy store.


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