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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Resist 47

Resist 47
52 pages, digest
$6.00 Delivered (US)

The last zine in the world I thought I'd love would be one about bicycling and gardening. Boy was I wrong.

47 is friendly, straightforward, instructional, well written, artistic, and has an overall punkish sensibility and DIY demeanor. It comes with a packet of seeds stapled inside, (mine were zucchini.)

Other topics covered in this per-zine include butchering a turkey, building a wash tub bass (like in Hee Haw,) installing an outdoor water spigot, how to solder copper tubing, pet worms, and lots of bike and garden stories and tips.

My favorite part was a piece at the end, "Why I do what I do." Here I find similarities in outlook and approach to life.

Very cool. Thick.

Matte Resist
PO Box 582345
Minneapolis MN 55458


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