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Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Ken Chronicles #25

The Ken Chronicles #25
digest, 24 pages, $2
In this issue of Ken's long-running zine, Ken writes about things going wrong: the automatic window on the driver side door of his car stopped working, his computer appeared to be malfunctioning (turns out it was just an odd keyboard issue), and his printer wouldn't recognize his ink cartridges. The thing I was most impressed with was that he was able to replace the motor for his automatic window himself after watching a video on You Tube. Next Ken writes about a surprise birthday celebration in Washington D.C. for one of his friends. Then there is the usual "What I've Been Listening to/Watching/Reading Lately" section. Ken finishes off the zine by describing a unique street performer that he happened upon, listing eight things that he has learned about the iPad, and describing a couple of situations in which he noted some untruths in advertising. Worth your time.
Ken Bausert
2140 Erma Drive
East Meadow NY 11554


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