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Monday, November 28, 2011

Gag Me With A ... #3

Gag Me With A … #3
mini-zine, 40 pages, $?
This is a compilation zine open to anyone who would like to submit. The editor accepts artwork, photography, comics, short/micro fiction, poetry, rantings, diary entries, etc. I’m not sure how selective the editor is about the submissions she receives, although judging from several of the pieces included in this issue, her expectations don’t seem to be too high. Much of the writing was pretty disappointing, but the layout and artwork at least partially made up for that. It appears that all the text was written with a typewriter, which is always fun to see. My favorite piece was an interesting discussion about a 16th century Catholic pope’s decision to classify a giant rodent (capybara) as a fish because of its scaly skin and proclivity for water. Doing this made it okay for South Americans to eat capybara during Lent, which diminished the sacrifice of this religious tradition because it was already a staple to some South American tribes. I also related to a piece about moshing at shows when you’re in your 30’s. While much of the writing in this zine lacked the quality that I generally look for, it’s still worth a browse. Perhaps you might even have some work of your own to contribute to a future issue.

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