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Friday, September 17, 2010



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For anyone curious about us:

The Zine Library was at the Good Life Community Bike Shop for several months, and it was in many ways a great success! However after a while it just wasn't working out, so it was moved into my (Samantha) home, The Dollhouse. The Dollhouse was both a punk house and a show space and for a year the zine library was there and many kids that came to the shows used it. I moved out of that house in May and now live in a different punk house that is having shows, but not as often. The Zine Library is still available for anyone that comes to these shows, but this space is temporary.

Recently Sonia from Anchor Archive moved to Calgary, and now she is a part of the collective working together to find a new home for the Calgary Zine Library. We are considering a few options but nothing is 100% yet. However we hope to have a new space lined up soon, and I will post that new location up here when we have it.

The Zine Tree Collective (which used to just be me and my partner, but now has some more help!), while looking into possible space options, is also keeping busy putting on a 24 Hour Zine Challenge on August 28th. We are really excited about this event, and if you are in Calgary you should come! It will be at the Old Y Community Centre (223 12 ave SW) from 12pm Saturday to 12 pm Sunday. It's all free and snacks, coffee, and tutorials will be provided.

We are also putting on a Zine Fair in October (date to be announced). We would really love to have local/canadian/anyone zine vendors at this event. This event will be very focused on trading/swapping zines as opposed to always using that boring money.

I am sorry I have not used this website very often to keep you all updated on this project. People on here have given me lots of great advice and I would not have been able to start a library without support of people on this great site.

Zine Donations are still gratefully accepted! If you would like to contribute a copy of your zine to our library please send it to:

The Zine Tree Collective
Suite 166
104-1240 Kensington Rd NW
Calgary AB
T2N 4X7

If you have any questions please email us at thezinetreecollective@riseup.net


Samantha Trees


Things you can do from here:


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