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Friday, January 1, 2010

New zines at Click Clack Distro!


via Everyone's Blog Posts - We Make Zines by NicoleIntrovert on 12/7/09
New zines at Click Clack Distro!
Don't forget thru December 25th... FREE shipping in the USA for orders over $20 and International shipping for orders over $20 is just $5!

Gutwrench #2 - $1
This issue of Gutwrench is (sadly) subtitled "…so your house is on fire (part one)." Max illustrates and writes of his house in Richmond, VA catching fire in the spring of 2009. At the time of the fire, Max had been on tour for about 4 days and was in the Boston area. All of the sudden Max and his friends' phones begin to blow up with calls and texts from neighbors and friends telling them the horrible news. The neighborhood Max lives in is full of row houses, so this didn't only mean his home was on fire, but the whole block was going up into flames. Max takes us on their white knuckled drive back down I-95 into Richmond and his awesome roommate, Oliver who saved the cats and dogs in the houses. The irony of the tale is that Max's band is called, Friendly Fire.

Gutwrench #3 - $1
A super cute look into Max's punny side. Snowballing from an inside joke via the slang term, "dawg," Max takes the animal dog and puts him into all sorts of fun situations. Mostly all illustrations of a notoriously cute pup, with simple explanations of what type of dog is being represented. I think I loved Lumber Dog and Numbers Dog the best. (Yes, there are rhymes!) For a good chuckle, pick this zine up!

In or Out? Bisexuality and a Place to Call Home - $1
This zine was put together a few years ago by a woman in Canada. It is a good resource for support for bisexual persons and those who have relationships with bisexual identified persons. The zine talks about feeling comfortable claiming the term bisexual but also gives reasons to resist, since the term bisexual implies that there are only two genders. In or Out? also brings up both privilege and oppression one may come across if they are bisexual. There is a section that dispels the ridiculous myths such as "Bisexuals are just hypersexual people," or "Bisexuals are really just confused." A good resource list in the back of books and websites, and awesome advice for social workers who are helping someone identified as bisexual.

Kytzyl - Philadelphia Stories - $2
Noe lives in Philadelphia but is originally from Hawaii. In this issue of Kytzyl she writes of appreciating the seasons and how much she loves living in Philly. She has some really great friends who she makes music with and an awesome dog named Ramona who she spends her time with. Noe writes of her crushes and relationships and how she hates losing her best friend each time she has a breakup. Philadelphia summertime and sushi at the skatepark is just as romantic as Noe makes it out to be!

Sub Rosa #5 - $2
Taryn briefly touches on the past year of her life in which she did not create a zine. She states how her My My store had closed (don't worry she's in a new location now!) and her relationship with her husband halted after she found him to be cheating. This issue is about everything that happened after that year. She writes about a new love interest and how her life feels fresh and new after she started attending punk shows again. After 15 years of zine collecting Taryn writes about how she almost gave her collection away… only to stop herself and make it her mission to reread them all over. Sub Rosa #5 focuses on change and growth and holding true to who you are.


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