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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Corrigan, Matt


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White Stallion Comix #27

Really?  Matt Corrigan isn't already on this website somewhere?  I see him on Dale Martin's page briefly, but I could have sworn that I already had some of his minis around.  Oh well, problem solved, I guess.  This issue is in the middle a longer storyline, or least the main story is, so I'm bound to be a little bit lost.  Still… I have no idea what's going on in that cover.  Anybody, a little help?  There's an alien (who we learn in the story is actually a human transformed into an alien (assuming that I read that part right)) poking a human in the nose with what looks like a knitting needle and… blowing up his nose?  The man seems slightly alarmed, but not nearly alarmed enough at losing his nose.  Nothing about it in the actual story, so it'll have to remain a mystery for now.  Anyway, the first story here is a stand-alone piece, about a bunch of kids coming back to school after the summer vacation.  One of the students seems to have turned into an old man during the break, and seems unaware of this phenomenon until another student hands him a mirror, at which point his head explodes.  But not really, as the summary at the end says that the student never remembered what happened to him and nobody ever mentioned it again. Um, zoom, right over my head.  The bulk of the comic is taken up with the continuation of a longer story, so I'm just going to do my best, as it was an entertaining piece all by itself.  The man on the cover is in a loony bin after reporting seeing aliens, but is let out after it happens that over 500 other people also reported seeing aliens, so maybe he isn't as crazy as everybody thought.  He promptly gets thrown back into the nuthouse after seeing a UFO after walking out the door, but manages to get a message by carrier pigeon to his transformed friend and another scientist.  The transformed friend seems to have come across an alien tank, they bust him out of the nut house and begin the difficult process of changing the "alien" back to normal.  Some funny stuff in there, and I genuinely loved the page I sampled below.  Still, a brief summary of part 1 wouldn't have hurt anything.  It's worth a look, but this looks like one of those series where you'd probably be better off if you just bought a pile of the minis and tried to make sense of them that way.  $1.50



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