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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hawthorn Town Hall Zine Fair


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via The Comic Spot by John Retallick on 10/26/08

I scootered along to the Hawthorn Town Hall for the "YEAH Write Zine Fair" featuring zinesters and comickers with the view to pop in for an hour or so, see what was there, maybe grab a couple of things and pop home.

I stayed for four hours!

It was lovely to see some regular faces and chat good ol' comics and ziney talk. I ended up wearing a fez and selling comics at Jo & Bernard's table whilst they sketched and tottled around the hall.

It was good to see Bobby, Jason, Ive, Phil and Greg all there and mostly selling their wares too. It was also good to see people i'd never seen before and to have a blast from the past in the shape of Avrim Wolf. Avrim was a 12 year old or so when i worked with him in my student radio days a decade ago. He was keen as mustard with a mic in front of him and had the chutzpah to go on with it. He's now a film student and looking the fine young man. Good luck to him on his journeys.

As always when i attend things where there are comics for sale i can't leave empty handed.

Word Balloons 8! Philip Bentley's wonderful fanzine came in straight from the printers. Featuring an in depth interview with Jason Badower(aussie boy made good and now working in the states) and more recollections of Phil's time running Minotaur in the early days. Look out for them in stores or contact Philip direct.

Caleo and Tolley's third issue of The False Impressionists. For some reason i hadn't grabbed a copy of this in the past. Romps through the Australian bush with mythical and legendary figures. A modern dreaming. Go get it here.

Saladventures 1. A series of gag strips involving vegetable puns and very cute little dawings and touched up phots of fruit and vegies. First time i'd seen anything from Cally Jetson. She tells me she only been doing comics and zines for a year. She also had some jewellery for sale.

I also grabbed 'The Girl With No Nose' & 'The Really Smelly Boy' flip comic from Cally.

A romance made in stinky heaven! A very cute little flip comic where the stories of the two charaters meet in the middle. The book can be read from either end. Nice! and Cute! More found here.

The 2nd issue of the horror anthology KAGEMONO with all stories written by Jason Franks from Black Glass Press. Cover by Bobby N. Jason continues his strong line of comics with this latest offering.

A very handy map with resources to all your self publishing and zine making needs in the CBD. Put out by the City Library.

Two minis from Jo Waite. Featuring her character One Sock the love-sick devil. Semi-autobio? or just an artiste with a real sense of loves often winding journey? You decide! Get more of Jo's stuff by writing to PO Box 18, Carlton Sth, Vic, 3053.
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