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Monday, June 19, 2017

South London Comic & Zine Fair - 15th July

South London Comic and Zine Fair

Saturday 15th July


It seems London is spoilt for zine fairs at the moment - and now two on one day, on opposite sides of the city! This one in South Norwood, and the Weirdo Zine Fest in Hackney.

Don't worry I've worked out easy way for you to go to both. 

1) Start in Hackney, as that fair finishes an hour earlier. 

2) When you're done browsing and buying, walk 15 minutes to Dalston Junction. 

3) Jump on the train for 40 minutes - use this time wisely, eat, drink, read some zines. 

4) Voila! Another fair awaits.

SZR - doing your planning for you, so you don't have to.

South London Comic & Zine Fair: facebook.com/events/105441513377738

Weirdo Zine Fest at Sutton House: facebook.com/events/716759361828973

Post by Nathan Penlington

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